This manifesto aspires to bring together new and old members of the Boavizta collective around a common language. It brings together the essential components of the spirit of the association since its foundation so that everyone can flourish in complete conscience. It is intended to live with the evolution of the activities and the members of the association. Anyone can consult this manifesto even before becoming part of the association.


The central cause of our community

We, citizens and digital players, are aware of the risks and consequences of exceeding planetary limits as well as the accelerating role of digital technology and its societal impacts. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of digital organizations through the design, grouping and sharing of digital commons.


What we want to achieve

Allow public and private organizations to truly transform and take responsibility (in a chosen or regulated manner), and to align their digital technology with a strategy compatible with planetary limits.

Become an interprofessional association, whose commons become international references, which contribute to accelerating the reduction of the direct and indirect environmental impacts of digital technology and to changing the trajectories of these impacts.

Materialize the environmental impact of digital transformations through the creation, standardization and propagation of commons in a systemic, auditable, standardized, automated and empowering approach.


The heart of our collaborations

Makers community

Beyond the fine speeches, it is with our hands dirty that we progress together. We encourage initiative and welcome any desire to improve the assessment, understanding and reduction of environmental impacts linked to digital technology. Efforts undertaken must aim to create resources that are accessible, usable and understandable to as many people as possible.

Open-minded with scientific rigor

The desire to achieve concrete results and tangible impact underlies all our actions and interactions. We remind ourselves of this imperative constantly and with all kindness in our discussions.

Impact as guideline

La volonté d’obtenir des résultats concrets et un impact tangible est sous-jaçente à toutes nos actions et interactions. Nous nous rappelons à cet impératif constamment et en toute bienveillance dans nos échanges.

For the common good

We act for a cause that goes beyond us while welcoming the diversity of identities and profiles. Our productions are open (open-source, open-data, creative-commons) and although they can feed commercial initiatives indirectly, while respecting licenses, their objective is to democratize and systematize a critical and enlightened approach to technologies .


In 5 years,

  • Boavizta is a leading inter-professional association with an international dimension which helps to facilitate/accelerate the assessment of the direct and indirect environmental impacts of digital technology, to redirect public and private organizations towards technologies compatible with planetary limits and respectful of living things.

  • Its commons make it possible to objectify the relevance of digitalization in a systemic, auditable, standardized, automated and empowering approach.

  • Its actions contribute to standardizing the commons, to spreading/integrating them within organizations, but also to truly transforming and empowering organizations (in a chosen or regulated way), to aligning digital with a low impact strategy of the organization

  • Boavizta contributes to changing the environmental trajectories of global digital technology to move towards more sustainability.


We, members of Boavizta, are convinced

  • The importance of continuing to develop methodologies / data / tools, the possibilities of eventually covering a majority of use cases (direct and indirect impacts).

  • But also that the achievement of our mission requires standardization making it possible to rally a critical mass of promoters united and focused around a limited set of well-identified common areas.

  • It also involves the propagation / integration of commons within organizations, and their systematic use in reflections / arbitrations around digital technology.

  • However, awareness/knowledge does not necessarily lead to action (see IPCC reports). The propagation/integration of the commons in organizations and the necessary actions that result from it risk encountering multiple pitfalls, starting with growth projects and obsolete business models.

  • To overcome these pitfalls, there is a need to create desirable alternative imaginations in which digital technology has another place, (to help organizations create new sustainable business models?), to contribute to relevant and binding regulations.

  • We can contribute to these changes while retaining our DNA, our uniqueness, our differentiators. We need a large and strong community whose collective intelligence will make it possible to identify and implement new solutions in this context.

  • Boavizta's historical values remain relevant and current: sharing ideas / methodologies / data / tools, scientific rigor, trust and cooperation


Boavizta contributes to

  • Popularize the environmental impact assessment of digital organizations, help the public and members to increase their skills

  • Produce the key commons missing in the ecosystem (methodologies, data, tools...etc.)

  • Standardize them and make them visible

  • Propagate/integrate them within organizations

But also

  • Define relevant and binding regulations

  • Building alternative and desirable imaginations around digital technology, new responsible business models

  • Helping decision-makers redirect their organizations and align themselves on ambitious trajectories by questioning digital in a deep and radical way

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